Health Insurance After Moving

Did you just move and need health insurance? Good news: Moving to a different ZIP code or county is a Qualifying Life Event (QLE). And QLEs trigger what is known as a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

A SEP allows you to enroll in Marketplace health insurance at a time outside of the annual Open Enrollment Period (OEP) for Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans.

How does moving trigger a Qualifying Life Event?

Qualifying Life Events (QLE) for Special Enrollment Periods (SEP) can be triggered by changes in residence. And moving to a different ZIP code or county is one such kind of change. Grab our free guide to see the full list of the Qualifying Life Eventse and your health insurance does not cover your new area, you may have a QLE. And this QLE may prompt a SEP allowing you to sign up for your own ACA-compliant Obamacare plan through the Marketplace. However, a move only qualifies you for a QLE if you had health insurance before moving—if you were not insured before the move, this won’t count as a QLE.

Typically, SEPs trigger a 60-day period in which you can apply and get covered through the Marketplace.

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