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Getting a mortgage is like buying a pair of pants: One size does not fit all. And you should shop around to find the perfect fit for the right price. 
But how do you find the best mortgage for you? The home-buying process can seem overwhelming. For most people, it’s the biggest financial purchase of their lives — and after diligently searching for the right house, mortgages can often be an afterthought. However, getting the right loan can save you thousands of dollars.
When it comes to choosing a mortgage, you’ll need to consider your financial situation and your available options. Once you have a sense of the type of loan you want, you can compare lenders and offers. By understanding your needs and some basic loan terminology, you’ll be able to make a better-educated decision about your loan offers.
Step 3 
Comparing loan offers
Once you are ready to move forward with your home purchase, it’s time to choose a mortgage loan and a lender. A Loan Estimate is a standardized form that tells you important details about your loan offer. Our guide tells you what to look for when comparing your offers and how to negotiate your offer.
  • Request Loan Estimates from multiple lenders
  • Compare offers and fine-tune your options
  • Choose a loan offer
Step 4
Closing on your new home
Once your purchase offer has been accepted by the seller and you have chosen a loan and a lender, it’s time to focus on the closing process. You’ll need to provide your lender with additional documents, so stay alert for requests and notifications. You’ll also need to get a home inspection and shop for homeowners and title insurance.
  • Submit documents required for underwriting (approval) of your loan
  • Choose the closing service providers you need for closing
  • Close (sign the papers) on your home and the loan you use to pay for it
Step 1: 
Preparing to shop for your mortgage
Buying a home is exciting. It’s also one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make. Choosing a mortgage to pay for your new home is just as important. Don’t rush into it.
  • Determine how much you want to spend on a home
  • Decide if it’s the right time to buy a new home
  • Gather your application paperwork
Step 2: 
Loan Choices
Don’t wait until you find a home to start thinking about how to finance it. Take time now to explore your mortgage choices so that you’re ready when the right home comes along.
Here is what we offer:
  • Contact multiple lenders to explore your choices
  • Select the type of loan that fits your needs
  • Place an offer on a home